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The Association’s primary & major stakeholders

The primary stakeholders of MCSA are all Mobile Children’s Services in NSW.
Other major stakeholders are:
  • Children, families & communities in isolated circumstances in NSW
  • Mobile Children’s Services that are members of MCSA
  • Governments at all levels
  • All government departments whose activities impact on Mobile Children’s Services as well as impact on children, families and communities in isolated circumstances
  • Government departments that fund & regulate Mobile Children’s Services
  • Other participants in the community service sector, particularly other children’s services, who impact on the above stakeholders,
  • Citizens in the broader Australian community who all have a stake in the well-being of other citizens in isolated circumstances

MCSA’s Vision

MCSA’s vision is for a society where all children, families and communities, particularly those in isolated and / or disadvantaged circumstances, have access to good quality and well managed children’s services that assist them to achieve their life potential and personal goals as well as enable them to participate in community life.

MCSA’s Purpose

MCSA is the peak body for Mobile Children’s Services in NSW. MCSA works with its members and those with similar values to ensure that all children, families and communities, particularly those in isolated and disadvantaged circumstances, have fair and equal access to good quality, safe and well managed children’s services.

The Association’s objectives and values

The following are the objectives and values listed in MCSA’s constitution:

  1. To promote and support the establishment and operation of Mobile Children’s Services in NSW and, through Mobile Children’s Services, to promote, support and advocate for the interests of children, families and communities in isolated and disadvantaged rural, remote & urban areas
  2. As the peak body, to represent and advocate for the interests of Mobile Children’s Services
  3. To promote and support Regional Mobile Children’s Service Networks
  4. To promote a broader understanding of children's and community services and related issues across government and the community
  5. To liaise with and work collaboratively with government, non-government organisations and communities to fulfill the association's objectives
  6. To adhere to and promote the following values:

a]     All people have equal rights to the benefits and opportunities of Australian society in terms of personal development and participation in community life and decision making

b]     All people have a right to fair and equal access to those services and resources that are important for their quality of life and which may assist them to achieve their full potential

c]     All people have the right and should have the opportunity to develop their full potential

d]     The role of government is to improve the security and quality of life of all Australian people

e]     People & communities can & should take responsibility for identifying their own needs & managing their own welfare, resources & directions

f]      Community services are accountable to local communities and their service users

g]     The existence of supportive communities is based on developing and sharing resources, social interaction & participation in decision making as well as self-help and mutual support activities

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